Step 1. Press Refresh (F5) page”
Step 2. Click on “SELECT DEVICE”
Step 3. Connect Leanbot to PC
Step 4. Select COM port
Step 5. Press “Connect”
Step 6. Upload the program into Leanbot

To reload Leanbot, you need to perform the steps in the following order:

Turn on Leanbot, do not plug in the USB cable from Leanbot to the computer (unplug if plugged in).

Open the page, press the F5 key or click “Reload this page”.

  • After clicking ‘SELECT DEVICE‘, the “ wants to connect to a serial port” window will appear.
  • Nothing inside (No compatible devices found.)
  • Or there are already several COM ports available on your computer (Don’t select these ports)

  • In the window “ wants to connect to a serial port” a new COM port appears, for example: USB Serial (COM3).
  • Click on the COM3 port.
  • Or if your computer is connected to several COM ports, when plugging Leanbot into the computer, a new COM port will be displayed. Example: USB Serial Port (COM4).
  • Click on the COM4 that just popped up.
  • Depending on different computers, instead of COM3, COM4 can be COM5, COM6,…
  • It may take a few seconds for the COM port to appear
  • If the new COM port is not displayed: try unplugging the USB cable and then plugging it back in.

  • You click the “Connect’ button after you have selected the COM port and see the “ wants to connect to a serial port” window close.
  • At this step Leanbot is successfully connected to the computer, and ready to upload the program.

  • To upload the program for Leanbot, click on “Compile & Upload”
  • Please wait a few seconds to upload the program into Leanbot.
  • The successful program loading screen will display the message “100% – Done!
  • Unplug Leanbot from the computer and run the robot to check the loaded program.

!!! Note: After each test run and reload program for Leanbot, you need to do all the above steps.