Getting started with Leanbot – The world’s No.1 STEM Robotics Learning solution

Step by Step guidelines for getting started with Leanbot platform:

Please follow this guidelines to have basic knowledge of the platform and know how to use Leanbot for learning or teaching.

Step 1: Prepare your Leanbot

You must have the robot Leanbot to begin getting on the platform. Take a look on Leanbot robot’s hardware:

Charge your Leanbot then continue.

Step 2: Visit Pythaverse to activate Leanbot and create Account to access Learning Resource.

Leanbot is now part of the Pythaverse Platform – A digital twin learning platform enhances learning outcomes by providing a dynamic, interactive, and immersive learning environment.

All the Leanbot learning resources including Documentation, Courses, Programming Tools are located in Pythaverse Platform.

Leanbot owner can create a FREE account which can be used to access all that resources.

Visit the link 

Thank you for choosing Leanbot!